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EPC Update

As from 1st July Energy Assessors will no longer be able to award a performance certificate via a ´data gatherer´ without visiting the site themselves as the practice, known as ´remote lodgements´, is to be prohibited by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Smart meters to cut energy use

News article on smart meters

What are smart meters? - find out here at Energy Retail Association

It's all hot air

Which is best, the hand dryer or paper towels? Read what others have to say.

> Article on electric hand dryer versus paper towels >>
> And here is an article on infection issues with hand dryers >>

Infection control in the built environment published by the NHS Estates states the following:

  • Paper hand-towels dry hands rapidly and dispensers can be used by several people at once. They are considered to be the lowest risk of cross-infection and are the preferred option in clinical practice areas.
  • The use of paper towels in rolls should be discouraged.
  • To discourage the use of reusable towels, towel rails should not be installed next to clinical hand-wash basins.
  • Fabric towels are recognised as a source of cross contamination and are not recommended in clinical practice.
  • Hot-air dryers should not be used in clinical areas as warm air currents dry hands slowly and can be used by only one individual at a time. This results in queues and the temptation to dry hands on clothing.

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